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Australian Sandstone Industries

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Australian Sandstone Industries Pty Limited (ASI) is a publicly listed company based in Queensland, Australia involved in sandstone quarrying and processing.

 With a blending of age-old skills, new management and innovative modern technology, ASI has come of age as a supplier of superior quality sandstone products throughout the world.

ASI Sandstone is extracted from our quarries in Helidon, Queensland and is reknowned for its strength, durability, fine texture and it's broad range of colours.

Having an unique appeal within both the Australian and international markets, it provides the Company with a key point of market differentiation. Samples of our sandstone have been tested by a world-leading laboratory and classified as “A” grade high.

Almost all the sandstone extracted from our quarries is sold in one form or another. Our products include: dimensional blocks and slabs, internal/external wall and floor tiles, building panels, colonial bricks, counter tops, furniture, paves, landscaping materials and ornaments. The company has a standard range of products and also manufactures to meet customer specifications.