The Board

The Board 730x125

lind 1   De-Hui (Densen) Liu
Chairman / Managing Director
Mr Liu is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of ChongHerr Investments Ltd. He has over 27 years experience in corporate management with particular strengths in investment, company restructuring, international trade and property development.  Mr Liu was appointed to the Board on 7 October 199

Zhen Lu   Zhen Lu
Non-Executive Director
Mr Lu has worked for many years in the building materials & construction industry in China.  He brings to the Board over 29 years experience in civil engineering.  Mr Lu was appointed to the Board on 19 August 2002.

sophia   Sophia Xiaoqing Kong
Non-Executive Director
Ms Kong holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning.  She was appointed a director in June 2003, bringing to the Board over 20 years professional and business management experience.  Ms Kong was appointed Company Secretary in 8 July 2003.

community   Mr Shao Liu
Non-Executive Director
Mr Shao Liu has career experience in China and educational background in Australia, who is capable to establish sustainable and profitable relationship with customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the world. He was appointed to the Board on 18 September 2013.